Stump Grindingstump

During a normal tree removal, the main stump of the tree will be left in the ground and cut off as close to soil level as possible without further digging.

The stump will be ground into chips with a specialised machine to a maximum depth of 8" below the existing soil level over the width of the trunk cross section.

Stump removal is by far the most difficult and time consuming aspect of this kind of work; far more difficult, in fact, than removing the trees themselves. If there are only one or two stumps on a plot of land, and those are of small immature trees, then the property owner may be able to manage their removal without calling in experts. Nonetheless, this job will still require heavy machinery. It is a common misperception that severed tree stumps can simply be ‘dug up’ if one goes deep enough. In fact, the roots of the tree can extend three to ten feet downward, and can cover tens of feet outward in every direction. It is nearly impossible to sever the tough and flexible roots using only a shovel, and such work would take so long that it would be extremely impractical.

stumpIf there are more than one or two tree stumps on a plot of land that need clearing, or if any single stump is from a particularly old or large tree, it is very important to secure the services of a professional who has experience in removing tree stumps. We are professionals that have access to machines and equipment which make the tree stump removal process go by much more quickly. One of the most useful of these is a stump grinder, which, as the name might suggest, grinds the stump down into nearly nothing. We own machines able to grind down below the surface of the soil, ensuring that the root system is killed and that no ‘suckers’ can develop to shoot up a new tree stem, this below the surface grinding can be done in a careful way to turn the root system into, essentially, mulch, which is an excellent option for property owners who wish to embellish their home gardens.