Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning involves the removal of dead, dying or diseased wood from the canopy of the tree. We also remove stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots, climbing plants such as ivy, and any rubbish accumulated in branch forks.

A crown clean is done for both health and safety reasons, as it is far safer for the crown of the tree to only hold live wood.

Other different types of Crown Pruning:

Crown Lifting (Raising the canopy)

crown_liftingCrown lifting involves the removal of any lower branches that may be causing an obstruction. We do this by either removing whole branches or those parts that extend below the desired clear heights to provide clearance under the tree.

Crown Lifting is good for lower tree branches that may be obstructing a footpath, highway or a building.


Cronw Reduction

reductionCrown Reduction involves reducing the overall crown / canopy of the tree by a given amount, usually 20-30%. We would do this by reducing the crown area from the tips of the branches being careful to retain the natural shape of the tree species.

This is good for maintaining over-grown trees.


Crown Reshaping

Crown Reshaping is recommended as being a 'once-only' operation to make a tree safe or bring it to a desirable condition or shape. We reshape the crown by cutting back to a side bud or branch to retain a flowing branch line without leaving stumps.

Crown Reshaping is good for making a tree safe or to bring the tree to a desirable condition or shape.


Crown Thinning

thinningCrown thinning involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branches from throughout the crown to thin the density within the tree crown. The intention being to increase light levels, by allow more light to pass through the tree’s canopy. We will leave the tree with an overall, even density of foliage around a well spaced and balanced branch structure to encourage natural re-growth.

Crown Thinning is good for preventing wind damage and creating more natural light on your property, garden or lawn etc.