When any land clearing project is occurring during a time when brush pick up is not available through local waste management services, or if it needs to be done on a larger scale than the waste management service can handle, it is a good idea to contract a brush removal service to do the job. At David's Tree Service, we offer brush removal services, so that you can accomplish the majority of your land clearing project. These services can be very useful for land clearing which is intended to create space for a home or another building, as they often have valuable advice on how to maintain an area so that it is less vulnerable to structural damage due to brush fires or falling trees or tree limbs.

While most land clearing projects are designed to clear space for a building or a pasture, this is not true for all such projects. In some cases, the environmental impact of the land clearing project is mitigated by the purposes for clearing the land. For example, the land might be covered with invasive tree and brush species, which need to be replanted with native plants, trees, and grasses in order to provide habitat for native birds and animals. This type of land clearing is more popular than might initially be expected, as governments and property owners alike are increasingly realizing the value of preserving natural habitat.